Leadership Opportunities

Criteria for Valid Nominations-Owners or Owner's Representatives

Both the nominee and the individual making the nomination must be the voting member of record, and in good standing with current dues paid.

The nominee must have a minimum of three years of self-storage experience.

3. Additional requirements:

Self-storage facility owner: Must be the owner of at least one TSSA-member self-storage facility in Texas. Must list and pay dues to TSSA for all storage facilities owned in Texas. If the individual being considered also owns or co-owns a self-storage vendor or supplier company, the majority of business income from the self-storage industry must be from ownership/operation of self storage to be considered for an owner position on the board.

Owner’s agent: Must be the voting member of record for the TSSA membership, and have full authority to act on behalf of the owner of a managed self-storage facility. This could be a manager or supervisor.

Vendor or Supplier?

To be considered for an owner/owner representative slot, the majority of the nominee's income from  the self-storage industry must be from ownership in a facility in Texas.  If the majority of the nominee's income is derived from providing goods or services to the industry, please nominate that person for the vendor representative position by submitting the vendor nomination form, but only if you are a current TSSA vendor member.