TSSA Committees

Bylaws Committee 
Chair: Paul Glover
Staff liaison: Ginny Sutton
Reviews the TSSA official bylaws as the laws governing the actions of the board and the administration of the Association and recommends changes to the Board of Directors as needed. 

Charitable Fundraising Committee   
Co-chairs: Doug and David Hunt

Staff liaison: Silvia Pendleton
Plans strategies and methods for generating as much money as possible for TSSA’s annual charitable fundraising for the Shriners Children’s Burn Hospital in Galveston.  Members solicit donations of items and find ways to encourage the remainder of the board to do the same.

Communications Committee
Chair: Blair Valk

Staff liaison: Silvia Pendleton

Makes recommendations to the Board with feedback from the TSSA staff for changes to printed and electronic publication formats; helps determine editorial calendar and content; helps solicit or contribute articles.  Occasionally reviews TSSA's magazine and website and provides feedback.

2015 Conference Committee (September 27-29, 2015, San Antonio) 
Chair: Lisa Meylor
Staff liaison: Sonnia Montemayor

Responsible for general planning of events and seminars for the annual conference and trade show.  With a primary focus of increasing attendance and offering quality educational choices, this group makes recommendations to staff regarding session topics and speakers.

Education Committee 
Co-chairs: Mike Gately and Lisa Meylor
Staff liaison: Sonnia Montemayor
Makes recommendations to the board regarding new and existing education programs for the Association.  Makes recommendations for changes in TSSA-sponsored education after reviewing feedback from attendees.  Develops new coursework and curricula as needed.  Creates the vision regarding the number and type of seminars or other educational offerings to help establish the annual calendar of educational events.

Ethics Committee
Chair: Jay Kanter
Staff liaison: Ginny Sutton

This committee makes recommendations as to procedures for compliance with the bylaw, reviews unresolved complaints against TSSA members and makes recommendations to the Board regarding actions to be taken with respect to members against whom complaint have been filed.

Forms Review Committee   
Chair: Larry Easley

Staff liaison: Kay Davis

Reviews the rental agreement and other forms and makes recommendations for changes. Makes recommendations to the board regarding program specifics and pricing for the TSSA Lease and Forms software program. Copyright Subcommittee reviews current copyright violation procedures and individual cases as needed, and makes recommendations to the board as needed regarding illegal or unauthorized use of TSSA copyrighted forms.

Leadership Development
Chair: April Young
Staff liaison Ginny Sutton

This committee, created in 2010, will continue to examine the process of recruiting and engaging leaders for the TSSA Board of Directors, and will make recommendations for changes to the current process or enhancements to help target good potential leaders for TSSA.

Staff Liaisons:
Kay Davis, Membership Coordinator
Sonnia Montemayor, Director of Education
Silvia Pendleton, Director of Marketing & Membership
Ginny Sutton, Executive Director

Questions:  (888) 259-4902