TSSA Committees

Bylaws Committee Chair: Robert Loeb
(Meets 1-3 times per year)
Reviews the TSSA official bylaws as the laws governing the actions of the board and the administration of the Association, and recommends changes to the Board of Directors as needed.

Charitable Fundraising Committee Chairs: David & Doug Hunt co-chairs
(Meets 2-3 times per year)
Plans strategies and methods for generating as much money as possible for TSSA’s annual charitable fundraising for the Shriners Children’s Burn Hospital in Galveston. Members solicit donations of items and encourage other members to do the same.

Communications Committee Chairs: Clint Wynn & Blair Valk co-chairs
(Meets 2-3 times per year)
Makes recommendations to the Board, with feedback from the TSSA staff, for changes to printed and electronic publication formats; helps determine editorial calendar and content; helps solicit articles. Occasionally reviews TSSA's magazine and website and provides feedback to the TSSA staff.

Conference Committee 2014 Chairs: Paul Glover & April Young co-chairs
(Meets 4-6 times per year)
Typically made up of members who live in the area for the particular year's convention, this group is responsible for general planning of events and seminars for the annual convention and trade show. Also makes recommendations to staff regarding marketing of and promotions for the event.

Education Committee Chair: Ricky Jenkins
(Meets 4-6 times per year)
Makes recommendations to the board regarding new and existing education programs for the Association. Makes recommendations for changes in TSSA-sponsored education after reviewing feedback from attendees. Develops new coursework and curricula as needed. Creates the vision for the number and type of seminars to help establish the annual calendar of educational events. 

Ethics Committee Chair: Jay Kanter
(Meets as needed)
This committee is charged with overseeing the process for handling any ethics complaint about a TSSA member, and with making recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding suspension of the membership when ethics violations are involved.

Finance Committee Chair: Paul Glover
(Meets 2-3 times per year)
Chaired by the current association treasurer, this committee oversees the financial operations of the Association, and approves financial investments.

Forms Review Committee Chair: Larry Easley
(Meets 2-3 times per year)
Reviews the rental agreement and other forms and makes recommendations for changes. Makes recommendations to the board regarding specifics and pricing for the TSSA Lease and Forms computer program. Copyright Violations Subcommittee reviews current copyright violation procedures and individual cases as needed, and makes recommendations to the board as needed regarding illegal or unauthorized use of TSSA copyrighted forms.

Copyright Violations (Subcommittee of Forms Review)
(Meets as needed)
An ad hoc committee meeting only when the Board deems necessary, this committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding policies on "mystery shopping" former members and pursuing copyright infringement lawsuits.

Leadership Committee Chair: Mark Skeans
(Meets 2-3 times per year, or as needed)
An ad hoc committee created in 2010, this group will analyze and make recommendations regarding TSSA's current system of identifying and recruiting board members and other Association leaders.

Government Affairs  Chair- Robert Loeb
(Meets as needed)
Comprised of all the board members, this committee acts as an industry watchdog and takes all appropriate actions to lobby against legislation detrimental to the self-storage industry.

Nominating Committee Chair: Mark Skeans
(Meets annually; committee members must be approved by the TSSA Board of Directors)
Chaired by the immediate past president, this committee is responsible for identifying members for potential leadership positions for the Association, and for reviewing nominees for the Board of Directors ballot in order to ensure that they meet all required criteria. This committee also identifies and recommends the slate of officers annually for Board approval