Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TSSA?

    A: Founded in 1986 as the Texas Mini Storage Association, TSSA is a non-profit trade association dedicated to provide opportunities for all self-storage owners to share, learn and improve both their businesses and the self storage industry. Today, the TSSA membership rolls have grown to more than 3,000. As the Association grows, it continues to provide individualized service, education and fellowship with the same dedication and determination that sparked the 10 facility owners and founders in 1986.
  • What is self storage, and why would I use it?

    A: Self storage, also known as mini storage, refers to a lockable unit in which customers store their goods. Self storage allows customers who are relocating, selling a home, or simply looking for more space for their possessions a place to store the items. Businesses frequently use self storage to store inventory or paperwork, rather than having to lease additional expensive commercial space. Unlike portable or door-to-door storage, self-storage facilities allow customers to retain a key to the unit and code to any gates so that they are not forced to make appointments to access their goods.
  • How do I get help with procedural or legal questions?


    If you are a TSSA member, you have access through the members-only part of this site to our exclusive "Ask the Experts" database and interactive forum. More than 100 self-storage-related questions are accompanied by answers from our team of attorneys and industry experts. As an additional resource to the TSSA Goldbook©, free with your membership, and annual legal seminars, this feature helps address situations that arise and keeps our members out of legal trouble.
    Ask the Experts

  • Where should owners or managers look for employment opportunities?

    A: Post a job listing or employment interest on TSSA’s free Discussion Forum.
  • Where do I find self-storage facility development information?

    A: In addition to the helpful information contained in the TSSA magazine and especially in the special development issue of that publication, TSSA also offers a whole series of seminars geared specifically for the potential self-storage facility owner or developer at the Conference & Trade Show.

    For additional information, see the links below:
  • Why should a self-storage facility owner or industry supplier join TSSA?

    A: View the Membership Benefits page on our site. Here you can read information about the benefits TSSA offers its members. From the nationally-acclaimed rental agreement and other official forms, to the TSSA Goldbook©, to the bi-monthly magazine, Self-Storage News, TSSA works to protect and educate owners and managers of self-storage facilities in Texas. Ask any of our members--a TSSA membership is a key part of building a profitable storage business.
  • How much are TSSA dues?

    A: Joining TSSA is simple. Go to our Join page, or call 888-259-4902 to join by phone.
    Membership for owners is $210 a year for one facility, and $130 for each additional facility. Membership dues for industry suppliers and developers are $210 annually.
    Rental agreements are available to members only. TSSA also offers a special forms software program that allows members to fill in and print all TSSA official forms, as well as the 60+ forms from the Goldbook©. Order forms online now with your membership password, or call (888) 259-4902 to order by phone.
    A Vendor/Supplier Membership is $250 for companies or individuals who provide goods or services for the self-storage industry. Vendor members are entitled to significant discounts on TSSA advertising rates and trade show booths. Only TSSA members may rent the full or partial member mailing list for a minimal charge and receive up to three free category listings for the online Buyer's Guide.

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