Steven S. Vrooman, Ph.D., Professor of Communication Studies at Texas Lutheran University

Monday 9:00 – 10:00 am

By the Time They Need Us, They Already Know Us: A New Approach to Social Media for the Self-Storage Industry

Is this what your Facebook or Twitter sounds like?  “We exist. So does our phone number. We have vacancy. And operating hours. Contact us. Please.”

Do you have the nagging feeling that it is all just a waste of time? The Texas self-storage industry has a social media problem. Few self-storage businesses use it. Even fewer use it to any effect. How do we build a productive social media strategy when our business is just DIFFERENT than those that social media gurus design their tips for? This session will take apart the typical advice on social media and remix it with a current analysis of the social media accounts of TSSA member businesses to create a more organic strategy that will be worth the limited time we have to spend enacting it.

About the Keynoter:

Steven S. Vrooman, Ph.D., is a Professor of Communication Studies at Texas Lutheran University.  He has taught courses on public speaking, research methods, popular culture and communication technology for 20 years.  He appeared in the documentary film The People Versus George Lucas, and spoke at TEDxSanAntonio on how our brains work like Twitter. He has published articles on popular culture and the rhetoric of the Internet. He has presented on diverse topics at numerous conferences around the country.