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How to submit a resume

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    07 Jul 2017
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    The key to effectively presenting the resume is in clear wording and orderly presentation.
    The Office of Alumni of the Universidad del Norte  determined what are the keys that should be considered to present an appropriate and effective curriculum that allows you to strategically demonstrate your expertise and skills to potential job offers are.

    Types of Resume
    There is no fixed format for resumes, in general terms we can identify some categories, but what is premium is: simplicity, clarity and precision .

    In the chronological resume ( The Chronological Resume ) jobs and studies carried out in chronological order, starting with the most recent back in time are listed. Suitable for people with an uninterrupted working life , with long-term jobs whose temporary bumps can easily be explained (multicultural experiences, studies, etc.).
    The resume of skills or functional (The Skills Functional Resume) highlights the skills and abilities and given less emphasis on dates, names of employers and educational institutions. It is more convenient for people who have frequently changed jobs or have not worked for long periods.

    Time Sheet

    Mention all the achievements, responsibilities and skills acquired in the work experience.
    Consolidate and make good use of short-term jobs.
    For example, if in a two-year period you have had four contracts three months each, you can present this information as "1 year experience in:

    Using action verbs

    I managed, I managed, I implemented, I started, I researched, I launched, I led, I managed, I managed, I manipulated, I maintained, I improved, I motivated, I organized, I organized, I planned, I procured, I promoted, I projected, I publicized, I recommended, I reorganized, I represented, I selected, I simplified, I supplied,

    Skills Life Sheet
    In this format, personal advantages (fluent English, driving license, visas) or data explaining the character (athlete, monitor) should be highlighted.

    Make each of the jobs sound important.
    Highlight skills learned in experiences not directly related to jobs (including volunteer work, extracurricular activities, memberships).
    List responsibilities, especially by virtue of the professional objective.

    >> Header

    Mention the name and all updated contact information (address, city, telephone, cell, email) in a clear and complete way. In this section do not write: marital status, military notebook number, ID number, date or place of birth.
    >> Profile
    Use a paragraph to describe the areas of performance, skills and sectors in which experience has been experienced (between 4 and 5 lines of extension).
    Locate in this space if you dominate a second, third or fourth language. For example: "Social Communicator and trilingual journalist with extensive experience in the administrative area and customer service".
    When you have little work experience to show, it is recommended to volunteer. Such experiences will mean a legitimate work opportunity and possible contacts.
    Make each of the skills and experiences sound important.
    >> Work Experience

    Four key data: company name, position, period and functions (achievements). For practitioners or recent graduates it is recommended to emphasize the practices during the race, degree work, thesis and work experience part time or vacation.

    >> Academic Training

    It must start with the last one or the current one and only the most relevant ones are recorded.
    It is recommended to highlight only the most relevant and recent seminars, courses, diplomas and conferences.
    Mention those that have more relation with the position and the profile and where possible include those that have a duration greater than 20 hours.
    >>  Language

    It should only be noted if it is dominated or otherwise the level must be specified. For example: French: Middle level.
    Some organizations perform tests of knowledge in foreign languages or require certificates to prove it.

    >> Program management

    It is suggested to refer only those that are really mastered.

    >> Distinctions and awards
    It is recommended to highlight the prizes, scholarships, distinctions, publications and other important aspects.

    >> References
    At the moment it is not stylized to refer an extensive directory of ex chiefs and relatives.
    In some cases it is usual to write down at the end "references on request".
    If it is considered pertinent to include job references, mention should be made of the name of the immediate boss, the company, the position and contact information (telephones, cell phones, emails), as far as possible that these references have managerial positions.

    >> Cover Letter
    It is not mandatory and it is advisable NOT to attach it. It is important to be direct and simple.
    In case of vacancies related to graphic arts it is advisable to attach the portfolio of works.

    >> General recommendations
    Do not put the title of "Leaf of Life" in the header.
    It is recommended not to include personal data such as age, marital status, height, number of cedula, family nucleus, etc., this information is unnecessary for who selects the staff.
    The publication of photographs is optional, however, some companies require it. It is important that the photos denote seriousness and formality.
    It is definitive to be concrete, it is uncomfortable to read a summary of more than 3 sheets.
    Take special care with spelling and grammar, this reflects the character.
    Not including jobs whose time has been days, in such a short time is little experience that is acquired.
    If possible use paper of optimum quality and a good impression.
    It is suggested to place the resume properly stamped in a folder or in a manila envelope.
    Mention availability (Vehicle, transfer to other cities, current visas, and / or work permits for other countries, etc.).
    Emphasize multicultural experiences if they have.
    As a last factor it is suggested to elaborate an excellent description of each experience, but without exceeding in extension.

    How to promote the resume?

    It is recommended to bring copies of the resume to job interviews, and leave a copy to the interviewer. As well as carry it in magnetic medium.
    Distribute copies of the resume to friends, relatives or acquaintances who may know about job offers.
    It may be necessary to write two or more different resumes that each focus on different aspects of experiences. It is advisable to readapt the "work objective" according to the vacancy.
    Be honest, the information on the resume can always be verified.
    Being concise, many data can be expanded in the personal interview. It is always great to get some professional help and what better way to get dissertation help from the leading dissertation writing service in UK. Get the help you need in writing, editing, proofreading and structuring your dissertation and papers from Dissertation Planet at affordable rates today!

    How to find out where offers are offered?

    Creating a network of friends and relatives.
    Through the agencies and job boards.
    Using the services of the Office of Graduates of the University.
    Visiting the offices of Human Resources of companies, agencies or businesses.
    You can initiate a telephone or electronic self-marketing process (Identify and express the purpose of the contact, mention knowledge and skills in general and ask if you can send the resume or if you can go through the company to deliver it personally). If you suggest sending the resume, do it immediately and follow it prudently. "Statistically, 42 personal contacts of this type have an effect greater than 1000 resumes sent by mail."
    On average to get a job you have to make 28 contacts with hiring managers, because reaching this number the effectiveness reaches 100%.
    Using search engines or specialized web pages .
    By classified ads from newspapers. 
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