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Become a Star - Advertise on TV!

May 20, 2011
By guest blogger Randy Smith (Another Closet Self Storage, McAllen)

Too shy to advertise on television? Then advertise on radio!

If you want a sure-fire way to jump-start rentals, go get your facility on TV or at a minimum on the radio.  Before you discount it as too expensive, call a few stations and ask for rates. Yes, you’ll get a sales presentation but good information as well. At Another Closet Self Storage in south Texas, we’ve transitioned most all of our marketing $$ (+90% of advertising budget) to Radio, TV, and Internet.  Of those three categories, radio is over ½ of it and TV is about 40% with the remaining for Internet.  Yellow pages now make up less than 6% of my entire marketing budget (I’m shooting for ZERO!).

So, if you cut back your yellow page ads to say, just 10% of your marketing budget, how much will that leave you for radio and TV? LOTS!

In my estimation (backed by our experience), utilizing radio is about 50 times more effective than YP ads.  Add TV to the mix and together it is about 75 times more effective.  Coordinate that with targeted internet advertising / promotions and get a 100 times the benefit – for the same money or less.

If you didn’t know, almost every TV station will produce a spot for you for free – same with radio.  If you need special talent (actors) there is usually a talent fee but not much more than around $300 for a shoot, depending upon complexity.

I’ll keep shouting this from every hilltop in Texas… “EVERY OTHER BUSINESS IS UTILIZING TV & RADIO! WHY NOT SELF STORAGE??? Especially if your competitors are NOT, that alone is enough reason to do it! It’s an incredible competitive advantage! We produced a new spot that includes a custom jingle (created for free by a sales rep wanting our business).  The jingle was set to video with an actress for TV – one in English another in Spanish.  We also are playing the jingle as our radio ad.  The combination has been a powerful branding campaign. As an aside, the first quarter of 2011 has us up 25% in gross revenue over the same time period of 2010, (with a YP ad 1/8th the size as last year).  Radio and TV works!

Utilize it now to gain market share and brand your facility.  If you’d like to see our ad, go to our website and click the link. But beware, the jingle is catchy and you’ll be singing it all day! (Yes, that’s exactly what we want…)

See you in Hollywood!


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