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It’s All About Me (Not Really!)

Nov 09, 2011

By Emily S. Mathews, CMP (Director of Education & Meetings)

I’d like to begin this blog entry by expressing a truly heartfelt “Happy Veterans Day” to all of our members and friends who are veterans of the United States military and reserves.  I’m married to a combat vet (with two slightly scary tattoos and a service-related back problem to prove it!).  I know what you – and your spouses and children – sacrificed to serve this country, and I salute you.

Moving on…Here at the TSSA office, a few of the gals have a little running joke that we use whenever we’ve sheepishly caught ourselves saying or doing something a little…self-centered: “It’s all about me!”

For example, I might say, “I don’t want to have a webinar on that topic.  It’s boring.”  Pause.  “Because, of course, it’s all about me!”  This is said, as you may have guessed, with complete and total sarcasm.  Who cares what I find interesting or not? Only the attendees – our members – matter. 

Someone else might say, “At the convention, we should have Pepsi instead of Coke.  I just like it better.” Pause.  “Not that it’s all about me!” (By the way, I’m happy to say that neither of these are real-life examples.)

But everything here is really about you, the TSSA member. 

One of the most important initiatives of your new TSSA president, Tom McCloskey  –  for your TSSA board and staff alike to follow  –  is this: Whatever we do, whatever we plan, whatever we suggest, we’ll ask ourselves, “Is this good for the TSSA members? Let that always be our guide!” 

It’s not that we didn’t already stop and ask this a lot.  After all, we exist for no other reason than our membership! But there’s an extra, healthy dose of emphasis on it lately, and I’m confident it’ll stick around long after Tom bangs the gavel for the last time. 

We’ll ask (and answer) the question as we plan educational events and resources; as we constantly refine and update our website; as we raise funds for charity; as we dispense legal information; and as we act as the best stewards possible of your membership dues.

Every time you partake of any of these TSSA services and offerings, or any of the others available to you, I really hope that you will honestly feel that it's all about you, our member.  Except when I choose (diet) Coke, any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

That really is about me!  

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