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Using the TSSA Consumer Guide as a Marketing Tool

Dec 02, 2011

by Silvia Pendleton, Director of Marketing and Membership

I was very excited when TSSA introduced the Consumer Guide Brochures.  My budget didn’t allow for producing and printing a professional piece like this.  But I could afford to buy the four-color brochure from TSSA for .20 cents each!  I quickly found many uses to for the brochure. 

Here are a few ideas on how to use the TSSA Consumer Guide:

  1. The most obvious of course, is to help customers visualize the space and how their belongings will fit into it;
  2. To engage the customer that is “just shopping”;
  3. To make sure they don’t leave the facility without the facility’s name and phone number so that they can call back when they’re ready to rent;
  4. To differentiate your facility from the facility down the street that doesn’t use the professional brochure;
  5. To enhance customer service by providing customers with general packing tips. This is a perfect way to lead in to the sale of moving supplies.
  6. My local Chamber has an annual “welcome to new teachers” day – I use this brochure along with a promo pen (or other inexpensive promotional item) to include in the welcome bag provided to each new teacher.  (If your local Chamber doesn’t do this, contact the school directly to ask if you can start a new tradition.)
  7. My local Chamber also provides space at their office for Chamber member brochures.  Visitors to the area often stop at the Chamber office and browse through the informational brochures.  The Consumer Guide Brochure is very popular because rather than an obvious sales brochure about my facility, the Consumer Guide offers tips to anyone relocating to the community.  This is viewed as a public service and they’re much more apt to pick it up – it just happens to include my facility’s contact information on the back!  (Again, if the local Chamber doesn’t provide this service, ask about other opportunities to distribute your information.)
  8. The hospital in my community is actively recruiting new doctors to the area.  I provide this brochure to the marketing director to include in their relocation information packet.  (This might not be available in your community.  Look for other options: Welcome Wagon, apartment leasing offices, senior care centers, moving companies, etc.)
  9. Get to know the realtors in the community.  Ask them to include the brochure in the materials they give to new homeowners buying or selling a home. 
  10. Senior citizen centers and other facilities can also use the information.  When downsizing and moving into a senior or assisted living center, the family will be glad to have the information provided in the brochure.
  11. Use it as a promotional vehicle for a discount coupon on moving supplies or some other move-in special of your choice.

The Consumer Guide is an inexpensive, yet professional way to market your facility.  The key is to keep your eyes and ears open for tie-in opportunities to promote your facility.

I hope these tips will spark your creativity and help you find opportunities in your community to market your facility.


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