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Don't Wait Until They Have a Boo-Boo!

Dec 08, 2011

By Emily S. Mathews, CMP
TSSA Director of Education & Meetings

I have a five-year old son named Will, and of course he’s the apple of my eye (whatever that means.  I need to look that up some time).  He has dimples as deep as the Grand Canyon; a missing bottom tooth (yes, the Tooth Fairy came; no, Will didn’t get much money.  I only got a quarter at his age!); an obsession with golf and volcanoes; a cute nose (not mine, thank the heavens); and a cackle almost as maniacal as his mother’s.  

But at the risk of sounding like a Bad Mom, there’s something that really drives me bonkers about Will; actually, it pretty much ticks me off: 99% of the time, he won’t let me give him a kiss.  It’s totally unbearable for me, as his mother.  I know that boys frequently back away from their moms’ mushy stuff.  But at five? Is that normal?  Many of you are parents and grandparents, right?  Email me and make me feel better about this!


Every single time – every single time – I plant one on Will, he says the following: “ONLY kiss me when I have a boo-boo! That’s the rule.”  He’s pretty stern about it.   And he’s not laughing.  He’s not even smiling!  He’s very serious.  So, you know, I sometimes secretly hope for a tiny, harmless boo-boo, just so I can give him a kiss.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

It’s frustrating.  I don’t want to kiss that kid only when he has a boo-boo.  I mean, he should want some sugar sometimes, boo-boo or not.  Right?

Well, I’m going to go out on a limb and take a guess that your customers – none of whom could possibly be five years old – might like to be shown some “love”…even when things are going swimmingly for them with regard to their storage experience with you.  Why wait until there’s a problem (and there nearly always is at some point), and you feel like you have to scramble to make it up to them?  It might cost less – and go a longer way when there is a boo-boo – to just keep the love coming at a steady pace.

Baby, it’s cold outside right now! Do you have coffee and hot chocolate (and some holiday cookies, of course) in your office, for folks to indulge in when they stop by to pay the rent? Speaking of coffee, can you give a $5 Starbucks card (or gas card) to everyone who comes in to pay their rent? Just for a finite period of time? That might be too expensive depending on your facility size and budget.  But maybe it’s doable! Let me tell you, those two types of cards will get used.  No waste there.

Can you bundle up and help someone get those holiday gifts into that 5’x5’ they rented for the purpose?  They may end up finding a reason to keep that closet long after the holidays.   

These are just holiday-related examples, and I’m not saying that any of this is going to knock someone’s socks off (their feet would freeze, anyway!) or that it’s highly original.  What I am saying is that in most cases, the happily surprised and delighted looks on your tenants’ faces, perhaps especially when they don’t have a storage-related issue, can really mean a lot in terms of goodwill, sure, but also future business and referrals. 

You might think your customers don’t need or want a “kiss” now and then, boo-boo or not.  But unlike Will, I bet they do!

The happiest and most joyful of holiday seasons to all of our members and friends!


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