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Living in the Digital World

Jan 27, 2012

by Brom Hoban, TSSA Director of Communications

More and more every day, it's apparent that we are living in a digital world. A recent trip to London I took really drove the point home. My brother-in-law Pedro works for American Airlines, and provided a special code sent to me by e-mail to fly at a lower rate. Once at the airport, I entered the code at a kiosk to print out a verification pass, which was then scanned in to allow me gate access.

Flying at the lower rate meant flying "standby," so once in London, I logged on to my e-mail account to exchange return flight information with Pedro. Back in the U.S., he was logged in to a special website that allowed him to see how many seats were open on various flights. Using that information,  he updated the itinerary several times to make sure we wouldn't get stranded--all digitally.

During my trip, as I strolled through the airport, I noticed many people perusing their tablets, absorbed in the rich content these marvelous inventions provide. Some were accessing e-mail, while others were scanning news items and checking weather.

You can choose a device that requires a  wireless environment, which are found everywhere now, or go with "3G" or "4G" devices, which can pull up the Internet anywhere, but the point is, you can pretty much access your digital world anywhere you are.

And the ability to access data remotely works well for self-storage owners and operators, especially given the web-data interface that many of today's management software programs offer. Grant Cohen, owner of A Space Place, located in Huntsville accomplishes much of his owner's work from Austin, where, in the comfort of his study, he can log on and manage his tenants' accounts.

"I can go online and connect from anywhere to manage any account from my home in Austin, via my smart phone or from a public computer, just as if I was sitting at the desk at our facility alongside my manager," Grant told me.

Similarly, Annette Powers of BTA Self Storage (Royse City) uses her smart phone to view her storage program and pull up reports. "I can do that from home, or anywhere. Technology lets us be more mobile. I can use my iPad when I’m out of state to view anything I want," she told me.

Now that's living in the digital world.

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