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Word of Mouth Still Reigns Supreme

Feb 17, 2012

by Holly Barr, TSSA Administrative Assistant

As much as we would like to think things have changed in the world of marketing and business, the truth is that what held true for your grandparents still holds true today, but  in an even bigger way. Word of mouth has always held tremendous power in marketing a business, and now with Facebook, Twitter, 4 Square, etc. it’s even more powerful today.

A perfect example occurred recently when a friend of mine was having a birthday party for her daughter.  She ordered a cake from a sandwich shop that I had no idea even sold cakes. My friend had a wonderful customer service experience, and she shared this experience on Facebook, and I in turn shared this experience with my Sunday School class (the cake, of course, was also delicious). I am sure at least one person in my class also shared this information with others.  Perhaps next time there is a birthday cake to be ordered, it will come from this sandwich shop instead of the local bakery.

Kudos to the mom for spreading the word about her great experience (sometimes we only hear about the bad stuff), and kudos to the sandwich shop employee who cared about the customer, not just about her job. We should all remember that one happy customer--or one unhappy customer--can have a real impact on our business.

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