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Everyone is Your Customer

Jun 08, 2012

by Brom Hoban, TSSA Director of Communications

When you think about it, everyone is your customer. That’s right,  your boss, co-workers, family, a sense, they are all customers.

And there’s much to be learned from that, all of which can be applied to dealing with real self-storage customers. Here are some “everyone is your customer” lessons that are universal.

If you’re married, or have a significant other, chances are that you have ample opportunities to provide the same kind of “customer service” you normally think of as a business term. Take the example of home maintenance. When you repair the sprinklers, take care of  the yard and change the light bulbs around the house without being asked, you’re providing good customer service. Lesson:  “Hold up your end of the deal.”

When you’re boss asks you to do a job, you can provide good customer service by doing the job well, on time, and at a professional level--all with a good attitude. Lesson: “You are being paid for a service, and your approach to how you handle your duties reflects your integrity.”

Your co-workers often need help and support, and when that time comes, the way you respond tells a lot about your level of customers service. A positive, friendly attitude goes miles towards lubricating the machinery of the workplace. Lesson: “When a co-worker needs your assistance, lend it willingly, and from the heart. Always try to leave a positive impression.”

Your family comes first, right? Right. And although occasional conflicts are normal, treating all family members with equality and respect goes without saying. When your child asks you to attend an activity he or she is involved in, there’s no better time to show them how important they are. Lesson: “Everyone is important, and customers should be treated as equals.”

And finally, there are your real customers- folks who come to rent storage units at your facility. If you harbor negative emotions, your customers will likely sense this. Allowing these emotions to color your interactions will make it difficult to set a positive tone in your store. One of the most powerful trends for consumers is that customers expect to be pleased. Because there are so many choices today, they don’t settle for any experience that doesn’t make them feel good. Lesson: “Maintain a pleasant demeanor.”

In actuality, not everyone is your customer. But, if you do your job well, you’ll certainly get more!


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