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Returning from the Dog Days of Summer

Aug 24, 2012

By Bradford Harrison, TSSA Meetings & Education Assistant

As we near the end of summer (and inch ever closer to our 2012 TSSA Convention in October), you may find yourself and your business in a variety of situations. Perhaps you are going through a slow period and embarking (or coming back from) a vacation. Conversely, you might be in the full swing of renting units and moving trucks to a plethora of college students back from summer break. As we know in self storage, business can sometimes bring anything and everything.

Whatever these last few weeks of summer bring you, you may need a refreshing reconnect with your fellow self storage owners and managers. The TSSA Luncheons are returning to help you with that in September after coming off a break in August. These luncheons are located around the state, and can bring a sense of connectedness that a simple phone call or text message may not.

The luncheons are run by volunteers and it is they who find the speakers, coordinate with sponsors, and keep in touch with the members who attend the luncheons. These meetings are the very definition of being involved and keeping up to date with your fellow owners and managers.

So remember, even though things may be hectic, slow, or somewhere in between at your facility, setting aside a day for a good meal, networking, and learning from your fellow TSSA members  is always in season. Seek them out, and, as always, we looking forward to seeing you in San Antonio in October.

Be sure to check the Events / Education page of the TSSA website for the upcoming luncheon dates!