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Stopping to Smell the Roses… and Solve Problems

Sep 28, 2012

by Bradford Harrison, TSSA Meetings and Education Assistant

The Annual TSSA Convention and Trade Show is fast approaching, and we here at TSSA know that attending any convention can be hectic. Which education sessions should you attend? How long should you spend on the trade show floor? How much fun should you have at the opening night party?

After all that evaluation and flat-out “deciding”, what you might need is a little break. A little “break” meaning a networking break of course!  At this year’s convention and trade show, TSSA has made a conscious and concerted effort to expand the networking time and opportunities available to attendees, included targeting networking for an hour on Monday, October 15 in dedicated networking areas.

There you will have a chance to sit down, relax, and then solve problems with your fellow owners, managers, and developers. Have a challenge or dilemma you want to overcome or conquer at your facility? Talk it out with a fellow owner. Want to increase your employee motivation and drive? Sit down and discuss issues like that and more with select top industry speakers as they stay around for time with you after their sessions.

So remember, we have scheduled nearly two hours of breaks and targeted networking time for you and your fellow attendees to catch up, meet for the first time, to discuss what you have just heard, tackle problems, and more. Conventions can always be fast-paced (yet very fulfilling) time, so don’t forget to sit and stay awhile, all while making meaningful connections and moving the business of self storage forward.

Registration for the convention is still open, and if you know someone who would enjoy attending, please let them know. We’ll be looking forward to seeing  you at this fall’s premier self-storage event!