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Innovation Never Stops

Oct 26, 2012

by Bradford Harrison, TSSA Meetings & Education Assistant

Insights, ideas, and innovation were the themes of TSSA’s Annual Convention and Trade Show which was held in San Antonio this year from October 14th through the 16th. TSSA instituted various new sessions and scheduling to showcase innovation this year including marketing surveys and dedicated extended networking time for attendees.  The marketing surveys, entitled “An Overview of Commercial Growth Opportunities in Texas”, focused on new opportunities in specific markets all across the state.

Extended networking breaks for convention attendees allowed folks to talk shop, discuss new ideas, and dissect the information they had just received from a myriad of educational sessions. New this year were “micro-sessions” or three twenty minute presentations along a specific track such as marketing or technology.  These micro-sessions focused on new trends in the industry like text messaging marketing , Google+ for business, smart phone use, online reputation management and more.

Even in small details, TSSA worked to showcase innovation, like placing handouts for sessions online, switching to paper-free receipts, using iPads for credit card processing, and maintaining a regular social media presence during the show. 

The innovation in self storage doesn’t have to end with TSSA’s annual convention; it always begins with you. Innovation can be key to increased profits. Start that website so you have an online presence. Take payments online to give your tenants added flexibility. Make that first post to Twitter or Facebook. The future is now. One great and concrete way you can spur innovation is to encourage your management software vendor to integrate with Blue Moon, the official online vendor of TSSA forms and leases. With this integration, your leases and forms will automatically sync up with your tenant database.

If you missed this year’s convention and trade show, you can always come next year! We cordially invite you to The Woodlands in 2013 from October 27th through the 29th for the next TSSA Annual Convention and Trade Show and remember to never stop innovating.