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What Makes Sales Work?

Dec 17, 2012

by Brom Hoban, TSSA Director of Communications

It’s a much-looked at and very interesting question. I recently had the opportunity to find out. Our mini-van is eight years old, and my wife has been hinting that it’s time to get her a new vehicle. What’s more, my youngest daughter is now 16, and about to get her license.

There was no avoiding it. Time to go car shopping. Just like folks shopping for the righrt storage space, I began by educating myself. I narrowed it down to tow makes: Honda and Mazda, and looked at the small-sized SUVs. They were both quite comparable, and each had nice features.

The deciding began...

And let me tell you, there is more to making the decision than just the final dollar figure. Just like a customer visiting a self-storage facility, that’s where the salesman and the dealership comes in.

The Honda sales guy was attentive and knowledgeable. But he went back-and-forth to his manager when it came time to negotiate the final price. This is not uncommon, but in this case, it slowed things down and resulted in a stalemate. When I did finally speak to the manager, he was unwilling to budge- that  is he would not go down the few hundred dollars to meet my price. I detected a bit of arrogance- the underlying feeling that their product was superior, and there was no need to try to make this particular sale go through. Still, my wife liked the car a lot, and we were definitely considering buying it.

The Mazda sales people were likewise attentive and knowledgeable. However, realizing that I was ready to buy, had researched my facts and figures, and had a firm price in mind, they allowed me to deal directly with the sales manager, even giving me his cell phone to check back if needed. Furthermore, the sales manager, a straightforward type of guy, cut right to it- there was no messing around. When I named my price, he agreed, provided I’d come in that day and buy it. Plus, he threw in a steeply discounted interest rate and extended warranty.

That was all it took. We bought the car, happy with a good deal. Later that day, the Honda salesman called, and lowered his asking price to where I had wanted it to be. But he had waited too long, and hafd given me the impression that he wasn’t going to work with me.

So what makes sales work? It’s recognizing that people are generally pretty smart, knowing what motivates them, being straightforward, and not hesitating. Sure there’s lots more to sales, but try those for starters the next time a prospective tenant calls or visits your site. You’ll probably make the sale.

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