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Why an Inclusive Group Like TSSA Offers One Exclusive Event for Executives

May 03, 2013

by Ginny Sutton, TSSA Executive Director

For the fourth year in a row, TSSA’s Executive Retreat is happening this summer (June 19-20 at Hyatt Lost Pines Resort).

TSSA has always been an inclusive group, interested in connecting and engaging as many in our industry as possible. “The more the merrier” has always been our motto as we try to create a sense of community and offer as many networking opportunities as we can. It’s the reason we work with volunteers to host luncheons in nine cities across the state (and that number is growing).


Yesterday I received a call from one of last year’s attendees, excited about the prospect of attending again.  Before he hung up, he asked about bringing his on-site managers to the event, and I explained that only self-storage facility owners and active developers are allowed to attend the event.

So, why would an inclusive group offer an exclusive opportunity? Well, in this case we try to bring folks with a common goal together and target the experience specifically to them.  The presentations and discussion are strategic in nature, and specifically geared towards company owners, presidents, CEOs and other primary decision makers.


At this event, we see attendees who otherwise make only rare appearances.  They tell us that it’s because they enjoy the intimate yet casual atmosphere this event offers, but even more so it’s because of the high-level topics addressed.


The generosity of our exclusive group of sponsors allows us to create a very special experience, so we wine and dine together in a laid-back setting. But it’s the education that makes the difference.  Read more about this year’s sessions.


If you are part of the exclusive group being targeted, I hope you’ll join us this year.





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