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New Ways of Staying Connected

Oct 18, 2013

by Brom Hoban, TSSA Director of Communications

The ways in which we are able to stay connected with one another in today’s dazzling world of technology are really quite amazing, when you get right down to it. Chances are, if there’s a need for some method of easy and fast communication, someone’s come up with a brilliant electronic solution.

My recent involvement with expanding my electronic connections is a great example. My daughter, a college student in Houston, is currently spending a semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. I happened to mention that to outgoing TSSA president Mark Skeans, who also had a daughter traveling abroad, and he quickly showed me a program on his iPhone called “Viber,” and app that allows you to call and message internationally with anyone else who has Viber installed on their phone. The app has proven invaluable, as we are able to text and call Denmark as easily as next door, at no cost.

Next there’s Skype, which everyone has heard of, but you don’t realize how cool it is until you use it. Again, at no charge, we can have live video calls with our daughter an ocean away.

Another connection she established with us is through creating a blog (using the free WordPress site) that keeps us informed of her adventures. Additionally, she uploads dozens of pictures every week, using a tool called Dropbox. Dropbox (also free) is basically a cloud-based hub for storing and sharing your files, whether they are photos, documents, videos, or any other kind of electronic file that can be uploaded.

Of course these are just a handful of resources that can be used for personal or business tools. If you want to zoom in on how apps can be used to help operate self storage, check out Larry Easley’s article “Apps & Tools for Property Management” in our next issue (November/December 2013) of Self-Storage News. He mentions such apps as: Informant (Calendar, Task Manager, Etc.; Youmail (more versatile for voicemail management); iBooks (for saving/viewing PDF documents); Annotate & Docusign  (for editing PDF’s, and digitally signing documents); MobileFocus and SuperCamPro (For viewing remote cameras); Tripit (For travel organization and documentation).

The bottom line is, you can stay connected to your business whenever, and wherever!


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