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Sometimes a Human is Just What We Need to "Get" Technology

Oct 18, 2013

by Ginny Sutton, TSSA Executive Director

We know that the Gen Y/Millennial generation has grown up with technology.  Since infancy, quite literally for many of them, Gen Ys have had technology so close at hand that they know nothing else.  A world without technology (and its accompanying portable devices) is completely foreign to them.

I’m not a Millennial.  I’m not from Generation X.  I’m a Baby Boomer.

I try to embrace technology and consider it something that is not only here to stay, but an integral part of the business world, like it or not.

Like many things, I view it as an “adapt or die” situation.  If I don’t want to learn how to use technology, that doesn’t mean it will go away or that I can somehow lessen its importance.  So yes—I have embraced the rise of the personal computer, the World Wide Web/Internet, cell phones, GPS, social media, tablets, apps…the list goes on and on and on…and darn it, I’m feeling a bit exhausted trying to keep up.

I find myself reaching out for help to learn new technology and often, off to the Internet I go.  But there is no substitute for getting some face-to-face, real-person-directed instruction.  The light bulb over my head just tends to "flip on" when a live human shows me something directly.

That’s why I think this year’s annual conference is so important for members.  There will be a focus on technology, in both big and small ways.  Want a hands-on demo and an opportunity to dig deeper?  We’ve got it.  Need a “for dummies” explanation and a safe place to ask about how to use social media?  Come on.  Need to hear how others are using their management and gate software? You got it.


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