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New Website, New Features!

Nov 08, 2013

By Brom Hoban, TSSA Director of Communications

At TSSA, we believe in offering the best possible self-storage resources to our members. And if you’re reading  this blog, you’ve probably notice we’ve redesigned our a website. It’s been said that a website “should be a living, breathing, changing being, and that you  should edit and improve constantly. Well, we’ve done a makeover from top to bottom, with new templates, features and functions as well as navigation.

Besides making the site easier to use, we’re offering you some great new features, like our Resource Library. This was an idea that was several years in the making. Consider it your “resource central” for self-storage webinars, podcasts, articles, and videos. Its designed to make all this media easily accessible for you, and like any library, it will continue to grow as we produce new resources.

Another great feature is the new calendar. Not only to you have the “Upcoming Events” reminder on the left side of our home page, but a regular “grid” style calendar has been added to help you plan taking advantage of TSSA events. Note that the calendar has three different categories: Education, Deadlines, and Luncheons, to make it even more convenient for you to check events at a glance. If you prefer to stay in the “All Calendar Items” view, which is the default, you’ll notice that the categories are color-coded: Education (brown), Deadlines (green), and Luncheons (blue). And for those who really like to be organized, you can change your  view to “day” or “week.”

And on our “Community” page, you’ll find a live Twitter and Facebook feed.

Besides these new features, and a new look, we’ve streamlined the navigation system. In addition to the links that you see “fly out” as you mouse over any of the main navigation headings, you’ll see an “Also in this Section” sidebar for the main pages, where you can find additional related links. And of course there’s are handy sitemap. If you ever need to know where something is quickly, it will show you.

Designing a website can be compared to laying out the aisles of a grocery store. The items you are looking for should be arranged in a way that allows you to go directly to them. Sure, it may take you a few minutes to orient yourself in a new store, but you’ll quickly become accustomed to where things are and how to find them.

So there it is... a wealth of self-storage resources just a click of the mouse away! 



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