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$100K Self Storage Fundraiser and "Virtual" Snow World Help Critically Burned Children at Shriners Hospital

Mar 10, 2014

by Amanda Perez, Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

In the latest issue of the Self-Storage News magazine, our readers will find an article about TSSA's charitable fundraising for the Shriners Hospitals for Children in Galveston.  I am new to TSSA and after reading this article, I was impressed with not only the size of the association's donation to the hospital, but also with how much the hospital is using the funds to help children from around the world who have suffered burns.  I have to admit, prior to reading this article, I had some limited awareness of the Shriners Hospitals, but had no real understanding of the positive impact they are having on the lives of children.

 What really captured my attention was the demonstration of a “virtual world” software developed by Dr. Hunter Huffman.  This software is actually a game patients can play during their physical therapy sessions and while receiving other painful treatments.  The software is called Snow-World and is an interactive game used to distract patients as they “throw” virtual snowballs.  This sounds like such a fun game for children, and I am certain some adults might have fun playing as well. 

 Snow World
(Snow World demonstration) 

Another special feature of the hospital are the hallways decorated with children's artwork.  Not only are the walls in the hallways decorated with art produced by patients, but also the ceilings.  After children spend long periods in the hospital receiving treatments, they can leave their mark behind by adding their own art to the tiles on the ceilings.

Can you imagine being a child and having to stay in a hospital for months at a time?  I am not even sure I could do that as an adult. Volunteers at the hospital provide craft supplies and toys for the children so that the time will pass by a little faster.   The hospital accepts craft and toy donations year round. 

If you are interested in learning how to become a volunteer, visit the Shriners Hospitals for Children website.  The majority of the funds TSSA’s membership donates to the Shriners Hospitals for Children are raised during the three days of the annual conference.  But, individual members also participate in the “Starfish” campaign by having their tenants make donations over a specific timeframe, usually a few months.  If you would like more information about participating in fundraising for 2014 and making a difference in the lives of critically burned children, please contact us.

 Artwork in the halls
(Artwork in the halls)


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