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Twitter 101

Mar 21, 2014

by Amanda Perez, Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Are you familiar with Twitter?  On the other hand, are you clueless about what a “tweet” is except for something that birds do?  Well here is a little Twitter 101 to help you learn how “tweeting” can actually help your business. 

What is Twitter?  In 2006, Twitter began as a text messaging service but today has become a major social media platform because of the drastic increase in user popularity.  Twitter is a real-time communication tool and is one of the most effective social media tools for connecting with customers. 

Twitter is a free marketing tool and a great resource for connecting with your customers.  Examples for using Twitter to market your business include tweeting about current discounts and promotions, events that your company may be sponsoring, or any other information that you want to get out to your customers.  You can also use Twitter as a resource for answering questions from your customers or addressing concerns customers may have.  Twitter can also be a great resource for customers to post reviews about your company. 

It is important to have an active Twitter account so that customers feel as though they are connecting with a real person.  An important tip to remember when tweeting is that the posts can only be up to 140 characters and they have a lifespan of only 15 minutes.  It is perfectly acceptable to tweet multiple times a day, however, be sure to spread your tweets throughout the day.

Remember to make Twitter fun and be creative with your tweets for your customers.

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