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3 Ways to Make Your Grassroots Marketing Successful

Apr 18, 2014
by Sonnia Montemayor, Director of Education

One of the main challenges TSSA members say they face is marketing their facility.  There are certainly a million different ways to market your facility but one way that consistently gets more “bang for your buck” is grassroots marketing.  That is, getting out from behind the manager’s counter and putting yourself face-to-face with local businesses and getting them to help spread the good word about your facility. 

Three things to keep in mind when planning your grassroots marketing efforts:

  1. You can’t expect to see immediate results.  Yes, it is sad, but true.  Self-storage is not an impulse buy.  People only buy storage when they really, really need it.  That means, you’ll have to set your expectations accordingly and find ways to track your results for the long-term, rather than the short-term. 
  2. Use community resources to increase your reach.  Take the time and make the effort to build relationships with other local businesses.  Doing so will increase your reach exponentially!  For example: Get to know the manager of that apartment complex just down the road.  When she has renters moving in or moving out and are in need of storage, you’ll be the first one she recommends. 
  3. Know what to say and how to say it.  Nobody wants to sound “salesy,” and even more so when they are introducing themselves for the first time.  Instead, a better approach is to offer that same apartment manager a way for her to help her tenants.  If you position yourself as the neighborhood expert on self-storage, people will always come looking for you to help with their self-storage needs. 

Want to hear more grassroots marketing tips?  Check out TSSA webcast series How to Develop a Self-Storage Marketing Plan.  This webcast and other marketing resources can be found in the Resource Library