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Facebook for Your Business; Why It Is Beneficial to Have a Business Page

May 02, 2014

by Amanda Perez, Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Even if you are not a member of Facebook, chances are you have still at least heard all the hype.  Perhaps your spouse, teenagers, or even your grandparents have a Facebook account but you aren’t so sure you want to jump on the trend.  Or, perhaps you have a personal Facebook profile, but you aren’t so sure that having a business page would be relevant for your company.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you should have a Facebook business page:

  1. FREE marketing.  Yes, Facebook business pages are a free marketing tool used to connect to current and potential customers. 
  2. Lets you engage with customers.  Facebook is a useful tool to speak to your customers in a casual setting. It is also a convenient way for current or potential customers to ask questions about your business.  For example, a potential customer may be curious enough about your facility to inquire about costs, types of units available, etc.  Customers are more likely to send you a message on Facebook if you have a business page than to send you an e-mail or even call you.  You will need to monitor messages and posts so that your customer’s questions can be answered in a timely manner.
  3. Reviews.  When most people are deciding which business to use for their need, they will search online for customer reviews.  Facebook is a great tool for customers to review your business and give positive feedback. 
  4. Your competitors are online.  Facebook business pages have gained so much popularity that chances are your competitors have an online presence.  By keeping up with the latest technologies, including social media, you may be able to offer potential customers a better deal than your competitors. 
  5. It’s not going anywhere.  Let’s face it, Mark Zuckerberg was brilliant when he and his friends launched the first Facebook.While social media is constantly changing, Facebook will most likely be around for many more years to come.  Facebook is always changing their look and making it more appealing for people to join daily. 
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