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What do Your Eyes Tell You? Does Your Self-Storage Facility Have Curb (aka Customer) Appeal?

May 09, 2014

by Amanda Perez, Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Have you ever been in the market for a new home?  I know that at least once you have shopped for a new doctor’s office, grocery store, or even dentist office.  What is the first thing you notice when you drive up to the home or the office?  Most of the time, our eyes are drawn to the curb appeal of the home or business.  Is the landscaping appealing or is there mostly dirt?  Is the building nicely painted or is the paint flaking or dull?  These are two important curb appeal details that our eyes are immediately drawn to within seconds of arriving at a business. Your customers can't help but make a split-second judgment about the business based on what they see.

The Importance of Landscaping and Paint
From a customer’s perspective, does your storage facility have curb appeal?  If not, it is time to do some Spring/Summer cleaning and sprucing up.  Important things to keep in mind when looking at the curb appeal of your facility are landscaping and the condition of the buildings.  Landscaping is a very cost effective way to make your facility look attractive without completely blowing your budget.  Retouching any chipped or faded paint around the front office or repainting the trim on your buildings a new appealing color are also budget friendly ways of adding curb appeal.

Keep the Appeal Going Inside the Office
Another important part of your facility to pay close attention to is what the customer sees (and smells) just inside the front office.  Is the office welcoming or full of clutter?  An office that provides a welcoming atmosphere will not only be appealing to the eye of the customer but also help them to feel at ease doing business with you.  It is fairly easy to create a welcoming office just by adding foliage and comfortable seating, hanging a few paintings on the wall and plugging in a pleasing fragranced oil warmer.   Of course you'll cap that off by offering each new arrival a warm and sincere greeting.

Helping Current Customers Feel the Love
Maintaining your buildings and grounds is also important to keeping current tenants happy and even to be more accepting of inevitable rent increases that will eventually come along.  What they see with their eyes can contribute to the perception that the place they've chosen for storing their property is being well maintained.  A lack of maintenance and attention to detail can have the exact opposite effect. "What are they doing with the money I'm paying them?" the customer might think. "You'd think they could at least keep the place looking decent with what I'm paying."

Creating the Right Perception is Key (and Not That Difficult)
Creating and maintaining curb appeal is (or at least should be) a foundation for your self-storage business.  The good news is that, no matter what your budget, you can take simple steps to attract the customer's eye and create the perception you're aiming for--"My eyes tell me that THIS is a place I want to do business with."