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Fur Babies of TSSA

May 23, 2014

by Amanda Perez, Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Here at the TSSA office, we love our fur babies.  Our staff member Marissa van Kwartel, TSSA Accounting Coordinator (and unofficial in-house expert on the Blue Moon Forms Software), is especially fond of her fur child.

Meet Samuel

It’s hard to imagine that this cute little cowboy came from a dwelling where 146 dogs lived under one small roof.  Marissa found this adorable pup three years ago at an event on Memorial Day weekend that was hosted by the Austin Humane Society to re-home 147 dogs that were surrendered by an animal hoarder.  Sam was very skinny, extremely shy, afraid of everything, and was shaved mostly bald.  Marissa couldn’t help but adopt the underprivileged little guy that she saw in front of her.

Today, Sam is an enthusiastic dog full of life and energy.  He is spoiled by his grandparents who often buy him new attire for his wardrobe and give him money to add to his Incredible Hulk coin bank.  He loves to go to the “Bye-Bye Store” (PetsMart) to pick out new toys and of course his favorite treats.  Sam’s hobbies include napping with the special blanket his mom made for him, going to the book store with mom, playing with his favorite green squeaky ball, and meeting new friends at the dog park.   Each year Sam’s parents throw him a birthday party with special treats and even a cake made especially for him.  Sam’s birthday is coming up next week, so mom has been busy organizing his birthday party. Happy early birthday Sam!   

Next time, we'll introduce you to EmmetSmith, a Shiba Inu breed who captured TSSA Director of Education Sonnia Montemayor's heart.