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January/February President's Message

Jan 20, 2015

Setting Your Goals for a Successful Year
Member Needs Assessment to Set TSSA Goals

Another holiday season has come to a close.  By this time, you have probably packed up all of your beautiful decorations for another year and moved them back into the best self-storage facility around. I hope you took time to sit back and enjoy time with your family and friends while making new memories. Time is the only thing you can’t get back and memories can never be taken from you, no matter what else happens.

As you move forward into the year, it is time to begin looking at the maintenance projects that you were putting off because you were too busy taking care of your customers. This slower time of the year, combined with the cooler weather, makes this an ideal time to take care of many of those projects. With the increased competition in most markets, existing facilities are finding that they must step up their game to stay competitive. Make sure you read “Creating a Winning Maintenance Program.” It is definitely an article you don’t want to miss. When choosing which maintenance projects you want to complete this year, it is imperative that you consider which projects will be most important to your customers and will give you the most bang for your buck. This information helps you set your goals for the year.

While you’re busy preparing your facility for a successful year, the TSSA board and staff continue working toward our mission: “Help Texas Self Storage Association Members Succeed.” We have asked ourselves countless times what this means to our members and we have come up with almost as many answers. So we are asking our members to please tell us what you want and need from us. In the coming weeks we will be conducting a Member Needs Assessment and we’re asking for your input. If you are contacted and asked to participate in this survey, please take a few minutes to respond. Without the feedback from the members, we can only guess what you really want from your association. We are asking for a small, but critical, commitment from you to help us continue serving you, as you work to meet your goals at your facility and for your business.

Best wishes for another successful year!