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On the Spot - January/February

Jan 26, 2015

Do you have any maintenance tips to keep your facilities looking good? Do you have a regular maintenance program?

Two TSSA members share their experience, insights and industry expertise.

The most important maintenance tip I could share would be keeping the facility neat and clean at all times. Although we operate a remote facility, we do have maintenance personnel in the area who check the facility at least twice a day forany maintenance issues as well as the general cleanliness of the facility. Many of our customers, past and present, often comment on how neat and clean the facility is kept. I feel having a facility looking its best at all times is one of the most important practices to increase occupancy.

Maintenance issues are usually handled on an as-needed basis. One thing we have done on two occasions in the past few years is the restoration of many of our storage unit doors. We have had about 150 doors treated each time. This provides a huge change in the overall appearance of the facility. The doors look brand new after restoration, giving the entire facility a huge face lift. I would definitely recom- mend this for oxidized, dirty, or dull-looking doors.

Brian Taylor, Manager FM 707 Self-Storage (Abilene)

I’m a firm believer that preventive maintenance is the best kind of maintenance. The old adage, “Pay me now, or pay me more, later,” certainly rings true. Every time a unit goes empty, we adjust and lubricate the door hardware, etc., and treat the unit with insecticide and rodent control packets before we make it available to rent. We may not have the opportunity to get into that unit again for months, or even years, once it’s rented. Whenever we walk or ride through the facility, we keep an eye out for anything that needs attention. We pick up bits of trash and cigarette butts if we spot any, even if we’re taking a prospective tenant out to see a unit. It not only keeps the facility clean, it also shows the prospective tenant that we’re attentive to even the little details at all times and sets the standard in their mind for how the facility is maintained.

Chuck & Mary Culp, Resident Managers Access Self Storage (Red Oak)