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My Perspective Featuring Glenn Laughlin

Feb 20, 2015
My Perspective
Featuring Glenn Laughlin
Texas 380 RV, Denton, TX


TSSA: Tell us a little bit about your background  before you got into self storage.

LAUGHLIN:  Together with my wife, who is a real estate/probate attorney, we own and operate a real estate title company. I also manage 12 rent houses that we own.

TSSA: How did you get involved in the self-storage business?

LAUGHLIN: Through our title company, we have closed on several storage facility transactions and have always wanted to own one. Our long range objective is to have our storage operation serve as a retirement strategy from the law and title business. Our friends, Rodger and Diana Donnelly, who own A Denton RV Storage, truly seem to enjoy the business. Rodger was both supportive and instrumental in helping us organize and initiate this new endeavor.

TSSA: Why have you chosen to focus on boat and RV storage?Glen Laughliin

LAUGHLIN:  While looking around for an enclosed location to store my in-laws’ bus, all the nearby places were filled and had a waiting list. This seemed like a perfect opportunity and a great place to start! 

TSSA: Your facility offers some unique features for boat and RV storage, have tenants appreciated the extras offered? 

LAUGHLIN:  While we are still new, we have room to grow and modify our plan to meet the customers’ needs. Mainly, what sets us apart are the enclosed, private garages. Each private garage is 16 feet wide by 50 feet deep with a 14-foot square door. Every door has an automatic opener. The buildings are spray foam insulated. The other benefit is the central and convenient location off Highway 380 (the major corridor north of Dallas between I-35 and US 75). 

TSSA: What do you consider to be the main differences between boat & RV storage and traditional storage?

LAUGHLIN:  Our target customer is likely to have a significant asset/ investment (bus, fifth wheel, custom car or boat) that they are interested in protecting, and which, if they attempt- ed to store at their home, would likely be a violation of their deed restrictions. Traditional storage typically solves a space/logistic issue that the customer perceives as an interim solution to a temporary concern (moving, blending of two families, etc.) whereas customers seeking out RV storage typically go into it with the realization that this is a long-term solution. 

TSSA: Do you have any advice for others considering this business? 

LAUGHLIN:  Follow your dream!