Consumer Guide

Why Use a TSSA Member to Rent Your Storage Space?

Using a TSSA member assures you that your interests (not just the facility owner's) will be protected by our nationally-recognized standardized rental contract. TSSA's members agree to abide by our code of ethics as a condition of membership, and are typically well educated about self-storage laws and consumer rights.

The Texas Self Storage Association Lease

Carefully read the contract you are asked to sign. If there are provisions that you don’t understand, ask the manager to explain them. If you still don’t understand or don’t feel comfortable with the explanation, don’t sign the rental agreement, which is a legal contract. Make sure there are no blank spaces and that any verbal promises made by the manager or staff are in the written rental agreement.

Visit the self-storage facility  and ask to see a space of the size you think you may need. If climate-controlled space is available, compare the climate-controlled space to the non-climate-controlled space. Check for cleanliness, convenience and security.
Keep a copy of the written rental agreement - Obtain and read a copy of the rules and regulations of the facility, if any.
Insurance is the responsibility of the customer - Storage facilities are generally not responsible for the contents of your unit. It is always a good idea to insure the goods you are intending to store. Storage insurance is almost always available to you at the time you rent your unit. Sometimes the facility collects the premium from you directly. Before you buy insurance from the manager, check with your own agent, because sometimes your homeowner’s or renter’s policy will cover you at no extra cost.

Tips for Storing

Finding the Right Size