Rental Agreement Addendum for Code and Card Access Gates Forms ADD-1 and ADD-2)

Purpose of Form
The purpose of this form is to give TSSA members whose facilities have controlled access gates a lease addendum to use so that their tenants will be subject to specific rules regarding the use of these gates. The form also gives the TSSA member valuable liability protection.

When to Use
Use the Code Access Addendum any time you have a facility with controlled access for which the tenants punch in a code. Use the Card Access Addendum anytime you have a controlled access facility that the tenants access through a card system. These addenda can be very helpful in preventing a tenant from claiming the gate malfunctioned, or dented the tenant’s car as he was tailgating someone through the gate, or other such items. The addenda impose rules on the tenant such as: never stop the car where the gate can hit your vehicle, never follow another vehicle into an open gate, never force the gate open, never allow children to play near the gate, etc. These forms will provide you with a significant layer of liability protection (protection from liability against access gate-related incidences).

Tips for Use
Use the appropriate form with each tenant and have the tenant sign the form at the same time that the tenant signs his TSSA lease. You should cross-reference this form in paragraph 7 of the TSSA lease. Paragraph 7 of the TSSA lease is the paragraph in which you list all of the addenda you are attaching to the TSSA lease. In this case, you should check the “Other addendum” blank and fill in “card access gate addendum” or “code access gate addendum.”