Purpose of the Forms 
Both of these forms are for situations where you have a tenant who wants to store, either alone or with other items, a boat or motor, or a vehicle or trailer (respectively) whether indoors or outdoors.

These forms provide you with important information with regard to vehicles, trailers, boats, or outboard motors, such as license plate numbers, registration numbers, proof of insurance, and other items unique to the storage of vehicles, trailers, boats or outboard motors. This information will be important to have should you need to go to foreclosure on the vehicle, take other legal action against the owner, or simply give yourself peace of mind that a storage item with a greater propensity to cause damage than other storage items (a vehicle has a gas tank, for instance) is covered by insurance and if something goes wrong the tenant will be insured and will not be as likely to try and seek recovery from you.

When to Use 
Use this form when you are leasing a unit that will have a trailer, boat, motor, or vehicle stored in it, and have made a business decision not to use the (preferred) separate TSSA lease, the “Vehicle, Trailer or Boat Self-Storage Rental Agreement.” This separate lease, geared specifically toward vehicles, trailers, and boat storage, should ideally be used any time you are leasing a unit for storage of a vehicle, trailer, or boat. It contains more protections than these addenda contain.

However, owners may choose not to purchase this separate lease, especially if they do not often lease units for vehicle, trailer or boat use, and instead may choose to use these addenda.

Tips for Use 
The first tip is to consider using the TSSA Vehicle, Trailer or Boat Self-Storage Rental Agreement, as it is a lease designed specifically for vehicle, trailer, or boat storage and it contains numerous additional protections for which there is not room in a one-page addendum. If you are inclined to use this addendum instead, make sure it is filled out completely and signed by the tenant, and it is recommended that you also include, the “Special Rules for Storing Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles or Boats inside Enclosed Storage Units” as an addendum when these vehicles will be stored inside an enclosed storage unit.