Additional Vehicle Storage Addendum

When to Use
If you are using the TSSA vehicle, trailer and boat lease, and you want to give your tenant the ability to park different vehicles, boats, trailers, and motors from time to time in the leased space. For example, if the tenant has two cars and switches off driving one and storing the other, you need all information on both cars and should use this form.

How to Use
Have any tenant wanting the ability to “swap out” vehicles, trailers or boats in the rented space fill out this addendum and list all of the information for any vehicles, etc. that he potentially wants to store in the space. The TSSA vehicle, trailer and boat lease states that only the vehicles, trailers and boats listed on the lease may be parked at the facility. The lease only has space for information for one vehicle, one trailer, and one boat. If your tenant will be alternating vehicles, trailers or boats that will be stored in the facility, it is imperative that you have all information (VIN #, insurance information, estimated value, etc.) on all of the items that the tenant will be storing.

Tips for Use
The lease says this explicitly, but I would suggest making it clear to all tenants storing vehicles, trailers or boats that only the vehicle, trailer or boat listed on the lease may be stored at the premises, and if the tenant wants to be able to “swap out” vehicles in the space, he must fill out the addendum for additional vehicle storage. Otherwise, unidentified vehicles, trailers and boats are subject to towing.