Chapter 59 Pre-Lien/Post Lien Checklist

When to Use
This form would be helpful to use any time a tenant becomes delinquent and you contemplate the seizure and lien foreclosure process. It is a good double check to ensure that you have complied with the requirements of the foreclosure process – that you have sent letters to the correct address, and in general have done all the “big ticket” items correctly. This form is not a substitute for reviewing the legal article and complying with every step in the foreclosure process. However, it is an excellent way to double check yourself on the “big ticket” areas.

How to Use
You can use this form at every step of the foreclosure process: before you seize a unit, during the seizure/notice of claim process, and after the sale actually takes place. Before the seizure process, for example, it is important to make sure the rental agreement is signed, check for any military status on the rental agreement, and check for any change of address that the tenant has submitted to you. This form has check boxes for all of these items.

Once you seize the contents by overlocking and sending the notice of claim, you can double-check this process prior to the sale by going down the checklist items on the form related to this process.

Lastly, there is a post-lien sale audit checklist that you would fill out after you conduct the sale, to ensure that you have carried out all of the post-sale steps appropriately.

Tips for Use
Use this form as a supplement to your regular process of checks and balances for a sale. This form should be used before the sale to catch any mistakes before they happen, rather than used solely after the sale to learn that you have just made a serious mistake.