Move-Out Notice from Tenant

The purpose of the “Move-Out Notice from Tenant” form is to give the tenant an official form to use in order to give you notice of the tenant’s desire to terminate the lease and move out of the storage facility. By signing this form and sending it in to the storage facility, the tenant is putting the storage facility on notice that the tenant is exercising his right under paragraph 9 of the TSSA lease to terminate the rental agreement by giving you at least 10 days written notice.

When to Use
You may wish to give this form to all tenants at move-in time and tell them that they may use this form to give you notice at the time they wish to terminate their lease. Or, if a tenant calls asking to terminate the lease, you can fax or mail him this form and ask him to use it to officially terminate his lease. If you wish, you can put in your rules (which you could attach as an addendum to your rental agreement as additional conditions) that the tenant must use this particular move-out notice in order to lawfully terminate the lease.

Tips for Use
Remember that a tenant cannot exercise his right under paragraph 9 to terminate the lease upon 10 days notice unless he has fulfilled any minimum lease term stated in TSSA lease paragraph 3. This condition is specifically noted in lease paragraph 9. Regarding refund of rent, the tenant must satisfy the conditions of TSSA lease paragraph 39 in order to receive any rental refund. This is made clear in TSSA lease paragraph 28. TSSA lease paragraph 28 states that “Unless a longer period of time is stated in an addendum or in supplemental rules at the time the tenant signs the lease, the tenant is liable for rent for the remainder of the month of move-out or for 10 days after move-out, whichever is longer.”

So, if the tenant gives you 10 days notice that he is moving out and delivers the notice to you on the 15th of the month, the tenant is still liable for rent through the end of the month. If the tenant has prepaid for dates beyond the end of the month, the refund should be mailed to the tenant’s mailing address, listed on the lease. Additional conditions for refunding prepaid rent and any security deposit are listed in TSSA lease paragraph 38. This paragraph provides that the tenant must give the facility written notice of actual move-out within 24 hours after moving out, the tenant’s lock must be removed on or before the move-out date, the tenant must not leave any trash in the space, halls, or driveways, the tenant must have fulfilled the obligations for the minimum lease term in paragraph 3 (if you agreed to any minimum lease term) and the tenant must be current in all obligations at the time of move-out. Paragraph 38 also provides that the tenant is liable for damages and cleaning charges under paragraph 4(o) and all disposal costs for his failure to remove any contents and debris and leave the space “broom-clean.”