Notice of Rental Increase and Update to Most Recent TSSA Lease

When to Use
You can use this form when your tenant is on an older version of the TSSA lease and you want to update to a new version of the lease or make other lease changes. This form is not appropriate for using if your tenant is not on a TSSA lease.

Under paragraph 30 of the TSSA lease (and all previous versions), you as the lessor have the right to change any part of the lease agreement, including the rental rate and other charges listed in paragraph 4, by hand-delivering or mailing to the tenant at least thirty days prior to the effective date, a notice of the changes. This form is meant to assist you with providing this 30-day notice of the changes.

Under paragraph 9 of the TSSA lease, the tenant has the ability to, at any time after the minimum term; terminate the lease upon 10 days notice to you. So the tenant is given ample time to terminate the lease before the new rental rate becomes effective.

How to Use
You will use this form by checking one of the checkboxes, whichever is appropriate, and mailing it to the tenant. The first checkbox allows you to tell the tenant that the old agreement will continue unchanged except that the rent will be increased to a new amount (and the new amount is given) and you also fill in the effective date. The second checkbox, if checked, tells the tenant that a new rental agreement is enclosed. You would use this checkbox alone if you made no changes to the dollar figures but you simply were updating the rental agreement so that it contains the new provisions that were added since the last version of the agreement.

If you want to update to the latest form of the agreement and also increase the rent or any other charges shown in paragraph 4, you would check checkbox 2 and checkbox 3. Checkbox 2 tells the tenant that a new rental agreement is enclosed and checkbox 3 tells the tenant that the new rental agreement contains changes in the monthly rent and other charges shown in paragraph 4, and tells the tenant the date on which the new rental agreement will be effective.

Tips for Use
Per the lease, you are not legally required to send this notice certified mail. You are only required to hand-deliver it or send it via first class mail, but it would be helpful in the event of a dispute to be able to prove that you sent the notice, so you might consider sending it certified mail as well as regular mail. It is not necessary that the tenant “sign off on” these changes or otherwise agree to these changes. You have the right to unilaterally make the changes upon 30 days notice, and the tenant’s remedy if he doesn’t like the rent increase, new lease form, or anything else is obviously to give you 10 days notice that he is terminating his lease.