Notice that Tenant’s Storage Space Has Been Opened

When to Use
You would use this form after entry into the tenant’s unit under paragraph 18 of the TSSA rental agreement. Depending on which TSSA lease version you are using, you have certain duties to notify the tenant, either via phone or by mail, that you have entered his unit.

How to Use
In all TSSA rental agreements prior to the 2009 revised version (revised 12/09), the lease language requires the lessor to notify the tenant after any entry pursuant to paragraph 18. Under paragraph 18 there are five scenarios under which the lessor can enter a tenant’s unit. They are: 1) the lessor has express written or oral authority from the tenant to enter; 2) the lessor reasonably believes there is an emergency situation occurring; 3) the lessor has reasonable grounds to believe a criminal activity is occurring; 4) the lessor has made written request to tenant by mail for access to the tenant’s space and the tenant has failed to provide access at the time and date requested; and 5) the lessor is exercising his lien rights pursuant to state statute.

In the 2009 and later versions of the TSSA lease, the lease language only requires notification to the tenant after a space has been entered for emergency purposes.

Tips for Use
This notice need not be sent via certified mail (but may be if desired). Be aware of which TSSA lease version you are using, as the language of paragraph 18 of the different versions (2009 vs. pre-2009 versions) dictates, as described above, the specific instance when notice like this must be sent to the tenant.