Email Scams Targeting Self Storage

We have been alerted by several members that an e-mail titled "STORAGE FACILITY INQUIRY," which requests rental of a unit and acceptance of packages is circulating widely. (The message is shown below, but the version you receive could read differently or be from a different individual or company.) 

It appears that this e-mail inquiry is a scam, as multiple locations were contacted with exactly the same message.

As always, we urge members to proceed with caution to verify the identity of potential tenants, especially if a prospective customer asks to sign a lease without meeting with you in person.

Additionally, any arrangement where you would be receiving and reshipping packages is CAUSE FOR PARTICULAR CONCERN. Previous scams of this nature involved the use of stolen credit cards to purchase and reship fraudulently purchased goods. It may take as much as a month or more to receive notice that a credit card number being used to rent a unit is actually stolen.


From: Steven Hull
Date: February 7, 2012
Subject: Storage facility Inquiry


Good day to you. My name is Steven Hull from West Palm Beach, FL with Alphin Automation. I will like to know if you have storage facility size 10x15. In addition, i will also like to know if you accept picking up the packages with our FedEx, UPS and DHL pick up account by pasting the label.

Kindly get back to me with the pricing + labour fees for pasting the labels on the packages + all other expenses with acceptable credit cards for the payment.

Thank you

Steven Hull
3314 Mulberry Lane
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
Alphin Automation