Collections Skills for Self Storage

Sep 24, 2013

Featuring Bob Copper, Self Storage 101

A Texas Self Storage Association Webinar TSSA Storage Education Serie...Setting the Standard 
Take Control of Your Collections

No one was "born" to be a collector but everyone can learn the skills needed to be not only a collector but an effective collector. This important session will provide self-storage professionals the techniques they can use to maximize the power of their efforts, increase revenues and profits, and turn an otherwise tangled mass of clumsy attempts into a controlled and professional collections system.

Bob says:

  • Learning effective collections techniques is one of the most important investments anyone can make in their self-storage career!
  • Effective collections increases revenues and profits.
  • Effective collections means having a proven system that works.
  • You will instantly see an increase in your collections by using such a system!]
  • Renting storage space is top priority but collecting rent is just as important.

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