Making More Money in the Self-Storage Game

Sep 23, 2013

Featuring Mike Gately, Daughtry Properties

A Texas Self Storage Association Webinar
TSSA Storage Education Series...Setting the Standard

Learn How to Make More Money

Adopt a winning approach to your self storage operations.  When you know the rules of the game, you can raise rents without fears or doubt.  Knowing how the game is played will help you understand why you should never settle for 100% occupancy.  You’ll see how this faulty logic can keep you from moving ahead and keep you from winning.  Play the game to its fullest and you’ll see how it’s possible to increase your income and profit margins regardless of how many players are on the board.

Storage expert and game master Mike Gately will provide the winning strategy with the following game changers:
  • Expensive pricing and discounting can sideline you: Learn how to use market demand to move your business ahead
  • Make the moves that will minimize the risk of high move-out rates when raising rent
  • Know when it’s necessary to roll the dice and use discounts, and when it’s best to sit tight
  • Learn to read the game board accurately and recognize why 100% occupancy should never be the goal