Motivating Managers for Monster Performance

Sep 23, 2013

Co-sponsored by the Georgia Self Storage Association

Featuring Anne Ballard, Universal Management Company

A Texas Self Storage Association Webinar and Part of the TSSA Storage Education Series
...Setting the Standard

Motivate Your Managers!

Are you wondering just what constitutes “Monster Performance?” If your manager consistently meets and exceeds sales and marketing goals, has a file stuffed with tenant testimonials, and hits all budgeting targets – then you have a “Monster Performer” on your team!! Can this type of performance be created? Once it appears, how do you nurture it and maintain that same level of performance? Learn how clear communication and proper training can guide your team toward greater performance and profit!
  • Explore the fundamental concepts that monster performers display and establish workable goal
  • Leverage a few easy methods to gain commitment from your employees for controlling expenses
  • Illustrate the importance of NOI
  • Communicate the three measurements that ensure monster performance: traffic generation, closing ratios, and box sales
  • Create bonus and commission programs that motivate rather than deflate
  • Develop monster performance programs for stabilized stores and stores in lease up
  • Awards and recognition done right 
  • Recognize the red flags of underperformance and burnout, and what to do about it!
  • Other tips for motivating managers to peak performance

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