Powerful and Practical Phone Skills

Sep 18, 2013

Featuring Carol Krendl, Skilcheck Services

In the self-storage selling game, few - if any - factors are more important than the good old-fashioned phone. Short of driving by, it’s by far the most popular way for potential tenants to reach you, and when they do, you’d better be ready and you’d better be good. You can contemplate and craft an email, but with the phone, you don’t have a long time during which to reach your ultimate goal: Get that prospect in the door and rent them a unit!

  • Learn to organize and prioritize your phone sales presentation
  • Acquire storage selling methods that encourage prospects to rent
  • Gain confidence in handling the dreaded “How much is a 10’ x 10’?”
  • Understand how to sound less “scripted” on your calls
  • Listen to actual sales calls and hear just what to say…and what not to!…and more 

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