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    Opening General Session 
   How to Stay Relevant (Slides)
Ross Shafer, Writer, Comedian, Serial Entrepreneur 
If you no longer matter to your customers and clients, they will leave you and race to your competitors. Relevance is a moving target. In this program you will learn how to create a culture that is able to adapt and evolve with new industry trends, as well as realign your go-to-market tactics to best serve your customer’s shifting buying habits.

 - How to harvest an endless trove of innovative ideas (even when you’re not feeling creative)
 - How to find (and respond to) competitors hiding in your blind spots
 - How to inspire world-class expertise in others

    Best Tips for Hiring and Onboarding New Employees (Handout)
Craig Fisher, Allegis Global Solutions
It’s a hot job market right now and you've got to do everything you can to bring in the best talent. Once your new employee starts, creating a culture of engagement can lead to increased employee retention and satisfaction. In this session, an HR professional will cover the topics of posting the job openings for great results, writing effective job descriptions, communicating expectations and integrating and supporting new hires effectively.

    Back to the Basics: Foreclosure 101  (Handout)
Connie Heyer, Niemann & Heyer, LLP
This session is geared for those new to the industry or those who need a refresher on the steps in the foreclosure process. TSSA’s legal counsel Connie Heyer will cover the most common misconceptions and misunderstandings facility operators and managers have. This is a fast-paced overview of the regular and special foreclosure processes.

    Back Up! Considerations Before Initiating a Feasibility Study  (Handout1, Handout2)
RK Kliebenstein, Metro Storage | Mike Miggins, CBRE | Ross Smolen, Pinnacle Properties, LLC | Jeanne Dube, Solid Ground Storage, LLC (moderator) 
Determining whether a potential site will work for a project is the primary reason owners and developers choose to conduct feasibility studies. But before proceeding with a full-blown feasibility study, you may want to do some pre-feasibility analysis of your own. This session will teach you what a feasibility study tells you and what it does not, what key metrics experienced developers use to select a site and how much you do on your own before hiring a professional.

    Self-Storage Sector Outlook   (Handout)
Eric Frankel, Green Street Advisors
Eric Frankel, with Green Street Advisors, a leading commercial real estate research firm, will offer overall projections for the self-storage sector and compare other major commercial sectors. Eric will discuss the outlook for the self-storage sector, expectations on investment returns and other big picture trends that may impact future performance.

    Best Practices for Managing a Productive Team
Sarah Cole, Oakcrest Management, Inc. | Katie Cowen, Move It Management, LLC | Tristina Volesky, Lockaway Self Storage | Stephanie Skinner, LockTite Storage (moderator) 
We all want to boost productivity and streamline our internal processes. Hear from a panel of operators how they built their own “dream teams” and how they keep everyone happy and on track. Learn best practices on organizational communication, developing accountability, giving constructive feedback, encouraging collaboration and more.

    Revenue Management in a Competitive Market
Mike Gately, Professional Management, Inc. | Donald Jones, Donald Jones Consulting | Jim Mooney, Devon Self Storage | 
Jeff Bateman, Storage Choice (moderator) 

We all manage our rates differently, but the end goal is the same - maximize revenue. Hear from a panel of operators about their tried-and-true strategies that produce real results. Panel will discuss: testing market potential, pricing based on customer type, discounts and concessions, marketing ideas and more. 

    How to Structure a Deal
Nathan Bennett, Crow Holdings Capital Partners | Roland Love, Real Estate Attorney | Steve Mellon, Jones Lange LaSalle | John Manes, Pinnacle Storage Properties, LLC (moderator) 
You’re an independent operator running a successful business. Now, you are ready to expand your portfolio and want to bring in investors. Not sure where to start or even how to approach potential investors? This session will discuss general partnerships, legal entity structures, profit splits, terms that can limit future growth and more.

    State of the Industry  (Handout)
Chris Sonne, CBRE
An overview of the performance characteristics of the self-storage sector, including an analysis of rents and occupancy rates nationwide, review of transaction activity in the top markets, trends in interest rates and cap rates, and a breakdown of planned and new development nationwide.

  Practical Solutions for Common Employment Problems  (Handout)
Murphy Klasing, Weycer, Kaplan, Pulaski & Zuber, P.C.
Self-storage owners may unintentionally be violating employment laws even as they are just trying to be flexible or nice. Attorney Murphy Klasing will discuss some of the most common employment issues owners can face. He will discuss: wage and hour laws, workers comp retaliation, employee fraud and more. Learn ways to safeguard your business, gain a clear understanding of the rules and minimize disputes.

    Understanding How Google Reads Your Website  (Handout)
Kori Ashton,
The sign out front says that we’re open for business! But does Google know that? Learn strategies to efficiently and effectively build your online presence from the ground up. Google expert Kori Ashton will share tools for automation, help define the must-do tasks every week, explain how to set up analytics and help you develop a working plan for creating traction online. 

    New Construction Design Trends (Session Slides)
Jeff Dallenbach, Archcon Architecture | Heath Mulkey, Storage Structures, Inc. | Charles Plunkett, CAPCO Steel, Inc. | Don Clauson, Lockaway Self Storage (moderator) 
Self-storage design and construction are no longer "business as usual."  New projects are becoming more design-intensive, yet need to be built faster, greener and more efficiently than current methods will allow. Hear a panel of construction experts discuss how disruptive technology is creating new and innovative materials, cost savings and density-increasing methods, facility design trends and more.

    Property Taxes: Winning the Battle
Dale K. Craymer, Texas Taxpayers & Research Association | Paul Glover, Storage Choice | Lorri Michel, Michel Gray | Trey Weaver, Ryan | Robert Loeb, SurePoint Self Storage (moderator) 
Texas has some of the highest commercial property taxes in the nation and members have felt the pain of increasing tax bills every year. Is there anything that can be done to provide some relief? Hear from a panel of owners and tax consultants who have successfully reduced their tax bill using different strategies that you can employ, too.

    The Sword and the Shield: Using the Lease to Disarm Angry Tenants  (Handout)
Connie Heyer, Niemann & Heyer, LLP
Dealing with angry or upset tenants is never easy. However, using diplomacy, empathy, and your in-depth knowledge of the TSSA lease can help you navigate tense situations. Connie will discuss the provisions of the lease that are most commonly misunderstood by tenants. Learn who is liable for loss or damage, what waiving implied warranties means, excessive property value and more.

    Advanced Internet Marketing Techniques  (Handout)
Kori Ashton,
What is the next level for Internet marketing? This session is designed for those interested in increasing their digital footprint. Google expert Kori Ashton will discuss niche targeting using Facebook Lookalike Audiences, setting up a re-targeting campaign, ADA accessibility of your website and  techniques that will keep your website on page one of Google search results.

    Texas Market Performance Analysis (Handout)
Anne Hawkins, STR
Anne Hawkins of STR, TSSA’s endorsed data provider, will share her insights on performance across the major Texas markets. The updated summary will analyze each market and the unique factors influencing performance, including existing supply, pipeline development and demographics of the major markets and the sub-markets.

    The Rise of Valet Storage 
Cameron Maloney, Clutter 
Is valet storage an industry disruptor or just a passing trend? This type of on-demand service is gaining popularity on both the East and West coasts, but will it permeate into the Texas market? Hear the story of Clutter, a wildly successful valet storage business, and learn how Clutter intends to upend the traditional self-storage business model.
    Managers Workshop 
    Five Ways Managers Can Effortlessly Increase Facility Revenue  (Handout)
Jim Mooney, Devon Self Storage
Want to effortlessly increase revenue at your self-storage facility? Our presenter will show you how! From handling customer inquiries and improving ancillary sales to earning referrals and edging out your competition, you’ll learn proven profit strategies that work every time. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, there’s something for every site manager to discover in this session. You will learn:
How to effectively handle inquiries
When specials are OK and how to qualify them
Tips on how to easily sell add-on offerings like retail items and tenant insurance
How your competition can actually help you
How to expand your referral program