2018 Board Election

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To help you better understand the process and more actively participate in it, TSSA has compiled answers to members’ most common questions about the board election process.

Who is the ideal board candidate?
There is no “ideal” board candidate. Instead, TSSA wants its board to include individuals with diverse backgrounds so that the board can make well-rounded decisions that reflect its entire membership. 

What do board members do?
Board members are responsible for strategically thinking, planning and evaluating on behalf of the association. While association staff typically executes TSSA programs, the board is responsible for envisioning the programs and benefits and for setting a direction and evaluating programs for progress and success. As leaders, board members help set the agenda — for TSSA and for the entire self-storage industry in Texas. 

Are board members compensated for their service? Are there any related expenses?
No, board members are not compensated, nor do they receive discounts on products or dues. Service is completely voluntary. TSSA covers expenses such as travel and provides hotel rooms and meals for board meetings. Many of our directors contribute to our tax-deductible annual fundraising efforts for the Shriners Hospitals for Children—Galveston, but that is completely voluntary.

What do board volunteers get in return for their service?
Previous TSSA Board members have attested to the tremendous value of board service. They have reported significant professional and personal benefits, including: the opportunity to meet, work with and learn from industry leaders; the chance to share their own knowledge, expertise and training with others; professional recognition; valuable networking that opens the door to new opportunities; and relationships with new friends and potential lifelong mentors. 

How much time does board service require?
Although board members must be willing to invest time in preparing for and thoughtfully participating in board meetings, the time commitment is not onerous.  The TSSA Board meets three times a year for a full day and has a two-day planning meeting in the summer. Board members are also expected to attend TSSA's Annual Conference and to serve on a committee or task force and participate in area luncheons when possible as well as other educational programs and activities. In other words, we prefer that the board members be engaged and active contributors!

Is there any qualifying criteria for service?
Yes, the criteria is listed here.

Can I nominate myself?
Yes. TSSA members may nominate themselves for board service by following the same procedures they would use in order to nominate someone else. 

What’s the nominating and election process?
TSSA’s Nominating Committee will accept board electronic or written nominations from the membership through June 15, 2018.  Nominated members will be asked to supply more information to the Nominating Committee soon thereafter. The committee will review the nominations based on the criteria and recommend candidates as a recommended slate to the membership in July.

What if I’m nominated, but not selected? 
There is always next year! And there are always myriad volunteer opportunities within TSSA. Involvement shows a true interest in supporting the organization and helping the industry.

How do I nominate a candidate or myself?
If you know of an individual who meets the Nominating Committee's criteria, and who might be willing to serve on the TSSA Board, please submit your nomination.  TSSA will then contact the candidate with the link to the board questionnaire.

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I've read the FAQs. Who can answer other questions that I have?
For more information about the nominating process, or about nominating criteria, contact either TSSA Executive Director Ginny Sutton or 2018 Nominating Committee Chair April Young.

You can also call TSSA toll-free at 888-259-4902.

Who is currently serving on the TSSA Board of Directors? 
See the list of current board members.

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