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Winter Storm Provides Opportunity To Prove Grit

by Holly Barr and Ginny Sutton, TSSA Staff

Texans are known for their grit. We pride ourselves on persevering through heat, drought, hurricanes, floods and tornadoes. And, now we can add Winter Storm Uri (the history-making storm actually has a name) to the list of storms we've weathered together.

Many Texans were dealt devastating damage as the ice and snow event left most of the state without power and/or water for days, and many will experience lasting effects due to fallen trees, busted water pipes, etc.. Events like this have at least one silver lining—they give all of us the chance to see what we’re made of and how tough we can be when it’s needed.

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The Texas Comptroller's office requires the collection of sales tax for vehicle parking and the fees associated with it. This means you are also required to collect sales tax on recurring fees and other charges related to the fees of storage of a vehicle or trailer. This could include late fees assessed for non-payment of vehicle/parking storage rent. 

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