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Each business owner will have to make tough decisions about things such as whether or not to keep the office open, require employees to report to work, charge fees on late rent, continue with collection efforts and whether or not to conduct foreclosure auctions.

The following resources are provided to guide your decisions. Some decisions will be judgment calls that only you, as the business owner, can make.


Updated November 30, 2020

Please review your local orders for both mask requirements and age restrictions. Most local ordinances require you to post a policy and may impose fines for non-compliance. You may use these sample signs to post with your policy.

Sample Face Masks Required Policy
Sample Face Masks Required Sign - Vertical
Sample Face Masks Required Sign - Horizontal

Self-storage foreclosures are not prohibited by state order*. Owners should use their own discretion in continuing to conduct foreclosure sales. It might make sense in some instances, especially if a delinquency is relatively new, to press pause on foreclosure proceedings. However, it is very likely the case that anything facilities have posted for an upcoming auction sale is debt that far pre-dated the COVID crisis. Check your local orders for any specific prohibitions, and then use your own judgment. In most cases, in order to ensure that social distancing and congregation limits can be abided by, auctions should be online. For local jurisdictions like Travis County which have issued orders disallowing non-essential congregation, in-person foreclosures are likely prohibited – so they are not advised.

*Read the full update from TSSA Legal Counsel Connie Heyer (In effect as of November 30, 2020) 

Employment-Related Resources:

Facility owners are encouraged to monitor the Center for Disease Control (CDC) websites for best and recommended practices as well as current updates. Owners are also encouraged to discuss the COVID-19 situation with their employees and take appropriate precautions.

Best Practices for COVID-19 Preparedness (Posted on 4/29/2020)
Department of Labor Coronavirus Resources
Coronavirus FAQs for Employers
Keeping the Workplace Safe

Webinar Recordings:

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