TSSA Forms Software has been designed to improve accuracy and reduce errors by providing built-in math calculations, default settings for recurring items and charges, automatic data transfers from the main lease form to other forms making up the lease package, built-in error checking, and lease expiration reports.

Exclusive Member Pricing:

$250 initial investment; After the first year, annual license and technical support fee of $175 . 

How It Works:

  • You start with 300 leases
  • The built-in counter is reduced every time you print a lease
  • You get unlimited free printing of over 80 TSSA forms
  • Purchase additional form clicks directly through program quickly and easily

What the program will do:

  • Blue Moon Online Software currently interfaces with most management software programs
  • Speed up the move-in process
  • Work as a stand-alone customer database program, even if you’re not using management software
  • Produce accurate and professional-looking leases and other forms in just minutes

Enjoy the Convenience:

  • Support fee billed with your annual membership dues
  • No need to download software
  • Latest changes to TSSA documents are available automatically, no need to upgrade or install updates
  • Supports multiple-user  simultaneous access
  • Provides administrator-level features for creating/managing customized login accounts and for restricting user access to designated lease fields and/or forms

Think About it...

  • Generate electronic files of all documents
  • Send rental agreement by email
  • Obtain electronic signature from tenants
  • Rental Agreement can be saved as electronic file and/or printed
  • Access Blue Moon database from anywhere with an internet connection

What the program won’t do:

  • Function as a management or accounting software program
  • Track payments
  • Automatically charge late fees
  • Display units available
  • Control gate access

With TSSA Forms Software by Blue Moon, now you can:

Produce complete, accurate lease packages in minutes—saving you time and money by speeding up the move-in process!

This easy-to-use software program was designed with the storage owner and manager in mind. No more filling out forms by hand!

  • Fill out the official TSSA rental agreement, plus related forms (Goldbook© and other official forms) from your computer
  • Create PDF documents or print the latest version of the TSSA lease and other Goldbook© forms on your laser or inkjet printer

Frequently Asked Questions


It is very important that the full legal name and physical location of the facility are provided accurately. This is the information that will appear on all leases and other official forms.

A separate mailing address for customer payments can be entered into the program once it is installed.