Founded in 1986 as the Texas Mini Storage Association, TSSA is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to providing opportunities for all self-storage professionals to share, learn and improve both their businesses and the self-storage industry.

Today, the TSSA membership rolls have grown to more than 2,800 (3,600 facilities). As the Association grows, it continues to provide individualized service, education and fellowship with the same dedication and determination that sparked the 10 facility owners and founders in 1986.

Annual Membership Dues

TSSA memberships are billed annually, based on your join date. All members pay a full year's dues when joining. Your next billing will occur just before your anniversary- your initial notice will be sent via e-mail. Please see the following categories to determine your membership type and dues.

Owner (or Management Company) • Vendor/SupplierDeveloper

  • "I brag to other facility owners that TSSA has it all together and that membership is a very valuable tool." - Amy Tate, Bay City Mini Storage (Bay City)
  • "I am a new member to TSSA and the self-storage industry. You processed my application and began my membership within 24 hours and replied to my question within [the same]. I am impressed with your service. The information provided by TSSA concerning self storage has been a tremendous help."  - Jimmy Blain Slatton, 349 South Self Storage (Midland)