Top 10 Self-Storage Social Media Must Dos

by Dan Manco, Live Oak Consulting

1. Make sure your business’ digital marketing foundation is solid with an SEO-friendly website, Google My Business claimed, and one to two social media platforms being used (Facebook + one other).

2. Align your social media marketing with your overall marketing and business goals.

3. Integrate your marketing messaging and initiatives into your social media marketing.

4. Create and use social media content that is relevant and useful for your target audiences.

5. Don’t overcommit. Be realistic about resources and methodical about your effort.

6. Target groups by affinity, location, and group membership on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

7. Don’t be overly “salesy” with social media marketing and posts. A good rule of thumb is that at least 66% to 75% if not more of your posts should be valuable, “non-salesy” content. The remaining 25% to 33% can be more direct sales focused.

8. Use the launch, test, measure, optimize, test, measure, optimize, repeat approach for your social media marketing initiatives.

9. Use Master Content Documents and Content Calendars for effective project management and ongoing campaign optimization.

10. Jump in and get started if you haven’t. If you already have a robust social media marketing effort, step back, question everything and challenge each marketing initiative with the following question: “How is Campaign X building our business?”

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