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Additional Articles

Foreclosure Faux Pas

by TSSA Legal Counsel

Errors during the foreclosure process happen—we’re all human. The important thing to remember is that most missteps can be remedied. Find out what steps to take to correct common mistakes made during foreclosure.

Common Challenges with TDMV and TPWD

by TSSA Legal Counsel

In the past year, there have been significant updates in the realm of vehicle and boat storage, including the new towing law, updated newspaper ad requirements and more. Discover what's new so you don't get left in the (metaphorical) dust.

A Comprehensive Guide to Eviction

by Mallory Scott, TSSA

Eviction may seem intimidating, but sometimes it’s your only legal option. Learn more about each step of the eviction process and find out what to do and what not to do from fellow members who have been there and done that.

Hiring in the New Age

by Amy Beckstead, Beckstead Terry Ditto

The workplace has been forever changed by the pandemic, but how has that affected the self-storage industry? From prospective employee shortages to remote and hybrid work environments, the future of the storage workplace may have been forever altered.

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