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Additional Articles

The MAgic of upselling and Closing sales

by M. Anne Ballard, Universal Storage Group

Oftentimes, it's more about how you say something than what you actually say. Customers want a manager who knows their product and has enough experience to provide expert advice. Draw from your past experiences with other customers to help you navigate the sale.

Compensation and incentives for managers

by Jennifer Jones, JKJ Marketing

Compensation packages and bonus structure are often sensitive topics of discussion, but they don't have to be. Several TSSA members discuss their compensation and incentives strategies for hiring (and retaining) ideal self-storage managers.

being an ideal manager in a not-so-ideal world

by Sarah Cole, Oakcrest Management, Inc.

What attributes make for a great manager? The top three qualities that stand out are knowledge, initiative and pride. Do you have all three attributes? Read more to learn how to set yourself apart and become an ideal manager even in a not-so-ideal world.

Are You creating a friendly environment for new employees to succeed?

by Mike Gately, Trusted Self Storage Professionals

Creating and maintaining a positive company environment where new employees feel comfortable to succeed (and make mistakes) is so important. If a supervisor is giving positive feedback when deserved, it's easier to cover problem areas when needed.

Practical solutions to common employment problems

by Connie Heyer, TSSA Legal Counsel

Sometimes unfortunate employment issues arise. When that happens, all you really need is practical advice on how to handle such sensitive situations. TSSA legal counsel walks you through several problem scenarios and provides solutions.

security measures for catalytic converters on stored vehicles

by Connie Heyer, TSSA Legal Counsel

In light of the growing risk of catalytic converter theft, some techniques have been developed to make theft more difficult and less profitable. Several techniques outlined in this article can be suggested to tenants who intend to store vehicles with catalytic converters.

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